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Simple solutions

We made the solution as simple as possible to guaranty your fast results and success.

High Quality

Providing high-quality services is our top priority. We put quality and our expertise in every detail of our projects.


Yes You will get effective services in a short matter of time that will bring you the best ROI and TCO for each project

Holistc Cloud
CyberThreat Operations
Internet Of things
Digital Transformation

Our working process

Research & Analysis

First our IT consultants do analysis  to find the best solutions.


Based on relevant strategies our experts will perform their best.

Deploy & Improvements

Post improvements are followed to assure your satisfaction.

vortexh Cloud

A short video to show you our DRaaS and BaaS

Who we are

Established in 2013, we are a  motivated company full of new ideas and enthusiasm. During the past years, we have accomplished a wide range of projects for various companies. Each member of our team puts all the needed efforts to accomplish the common goals and achieve an expert level on each discipline

Technology Partners

Use the best of bread in each technology to provide a turkey solutions that delivers great results.

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